Privacy policy

JobMaster Ltd (hereinafter: "the company") respects the right to privacy of the users of the sites and of the applications that it manages and operates (hereinafter, jointly or severally: "the site"). Consequently the company has decided to publish its policy regarding protection of privacy on the site, and it makes a commitment vis-a-vis the user to maintain this policy.
The aim of the policy is to explain company practice regarding the privacy of users of the site  ; how the company uses the information, furnished to it by users of the site or collected by it during use of the site; and how the company protects the aforesaid information. In addition, information shall be given below regarding agreements required from the user of the site  in order to use the information supplied by him to the site; possibilities of receiving information from the company; and the right to correct errors.
As the company develops, this policy may change. Consequently, please update yourself regarding this policy from time to time, in order to verify that you always know how your personal information is being handled.
By making use of the site you agree to the conditions of this policy, that may change from time to time.
Unless expressly stated otherwise, this policy does not apply to information supplied to the company not via the site, including by phone, mail, and face to face.

When using the services of the site and during registration for the site, information regarding the user is collected. Some of the information identifies the user personally, i.e. his name and address, date of birth, activities carried out by the user, information regarding his professional background/career, customer service, means of payment, etc. This is the information that the user furnishes knowingly, for example during registration for the site.
Some of the information collected is statistical information that does not identify the user personally. For example, ads that the user read on the site, pages that he viewed, the offers and services that interested him, the Internet address (IP) from which he made contact, etc.
All the information furnished by the user to the site is collected and saved in order to improve the efficiency and optimize use of the site , for improvement of the user's experience and the service for the user, and for advertising and statistical needs of the company.

Use of  the information
The information collected shall be used in accordance with this privacy policy and in accordance with the provisions of the law. Inter alia:
To improve and enrich the services and the contents offered on the site, to change or cancel existing services and contents; to match the information and the addresses displayed during the visit to the site to your fields of interest; to analyze your needs; to publish and direct to you relevant information; to analyze the characteristics of the community of users of the site; to evaluate the effectiveness of our services and the satisfaction from them; etc.
The company may transfer to third parties statistical information that was collected about your activities (and that does not identify you personally), as well as your personal information in cases in which the transfer of the information advances your wish to find work, to find an employee, to participate in professional courses, etc. In addition the information may also be transferred in additional cases, including, without limitation to the aforesaid: in the event of your purchasing products and services from third parties, on registering for activities of third parties (for payment or for free) by means of the site, the information required by them for completion of the purchasing/registration process shall be transferred to third parties; in the event of a legal dispute between you and the company that may obligate the exposure of your details; in the event of your carrying out activities on the site that are against the law; in the event of receipt of a court order that obligates giving your details or the information about you to a third party; in the event of the company selling or transferring or buying a right of use in any way whatsoever of activities on the site and/or the information stored in its databases, or any part thereof, to a third party − and in the event of your merging with another entity or merging the activity on the site with the activities of a third party; and all subject to the provisions of the law.

Information security
The company implements on the site systems, protocols, and updated procedures for information security. Although these systems and procedures minimize the risks of unauthorized penetration, they do not award absolute security. Consequently the company does not undertake that its services will be absolutely proof against unauthorized access to the information stored therein.

Contact us
If you have questions or comments regarding this privacy policy please contact us at the email address: and we shall be happy to help you.

Registration for services
If personal details are required during registration for services on the site or for the purchase of services on the site, or for registration for activities of third parties, etc., the company will request the required information from the user. It is clarified that the user is not obligated to furnish any details whatsoever. Non furnishing of specific details of information is liable to limit the services and/or benefits that the company offers to the user.

The database
All the data stored by the company on the site shall be kept in a database to be managed in accordance with the law.

Mailing of advertising/ marketing/ professional information
The company wishes to send to users from time to time, by email and/or in any other means of information transfer, information regarding its services, products, changes, and updates regarding its databases, as well as marketing and advertising information, about the company and/or third parties.
Such information shall be sent to the user provided that the latter has given his express consent for this, and at any time he may cancel his consent and stop receiving it.
The company shall not furnish personal details of the user to third party advertisers unless approval for this has been given by the user, and subject to the provisions of the law. However, it shall be entitled to transfer statistical information about the activities of the users on the site that does not identify them personally.

The site may use cookies and/or other means for operational needs, including in order to collect statistical data regarding use of the site, for verification of details, in order to match the site to the personal preferences of the user, and for the needs of information security.
Modern browsers include the option of avoiding acceptance of cookies.
If you don't know how to do this, check the help file of the browser that you are using.

Advertising of third parties
The site is in part an online advertising platform and consequently the company may permit third parties to manage the advertising system on the site. In such a case the ads viewed by the user during his visit to the site come from the computers of the said third parties. In order to manage their ads, these third parties may make use of cookies in the user's computer. The cookies permit them to collect information about the sites in which the user viewed the ads placed there and which ones he clicked. The use made by cookies of these third parties is subject to their privacy policy and not that of the company.

The right to examine information
According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, and regulations thereunder, any user is entitled to review information about him held in a database. , For any reason, for which the information will be deleted, may contact the company with a request to delete the information and give reasons for its request.
The Company shall be entitled to delete such information, in its sole discretion and subject to the provisions of any law. Such inquiries should be directed to

Changes to the privacy policy

In all cases in which essential changes are made in this policy to provisions that address use of the personal information that you furnished, notice of this shall be given in the home page of the site.
Accessibility of the site

The site is accessible in a way to make it easy for handicapped persons to make use of it.
The company is doing its best to permit all its customers, including handicapped persons, to enjoy surfing in the company site conveniently and easily and to enjoy the possibility of becoming familiar with all its products using advanced online means.
Accessibility declaration

The company site meet the requirements o f the provisions of the law, including the Provisions of the Equality of Rights Regulations for Handicapped Persons (adaptation of accessibility for service), 5773-2013. The company site complies with the recommendations of the Israeli standard (IS 5568) for the accessibility of contents in the Internet at level AA, and with the recommendations of WCAG 2.0 of the W3C organization.
The site has been adapted for display in the most popular browsers and for use by cellphones.

If you have encountered a problem in the subject of accessibility and/or if you have a question in the subject, please send us an email message to the address:, so that we can correct the problem.