About Jobmaster

Our vision:

That everyone can realize their professional and business potential.
Our task:

To create a meeting place for people in the business world.
About us:

We founded JobMaster in 2000, and since then the advertising board that we have built serves jobseekers and employers from all the employment sectors, with more than 2.5 million visitors who enter the JobMaster site every month, as well as tens of thousands of real and original job positions that come directly from the employers. Jobseekers don't have to pay for job search and cv apply through the site.
We have constantly matched the site to the changing world of employment. We have added a variety of tools aimed at making the best, most convenient, and simplest connection between employers and workers, and between the workers and their colleagues. We have made the job search and employee search process more innovative and technological than ever, by variety of solutions such as a social network, a chat for direct communications between employers and candidates, and an unique system for managing the hiring and recruitment process.
We believe that the challenges of the employment world demand the creation of professional communities that bring together professionals from different worlds under a single roof, that offers them everything they need in a single place.